Making your IT work for you

#Givemeyourhands – workshop



Social media has become the latest trend – everyone says you need to jump on board to survive – but as a mediator, is it relevant marketing tool for your service?

This workshop is based around material presented at the Family Mediators Association conference in September 2016. Its primary goal is to explore social media and digital marketing from a family mediation perspective. Targeted at those who have dabbled or no exposure to social media, and will provide a couple of key reasons why family mediation services should be using social media.

As a practical demonstration of what can be achieved with social media, we created a video for YouTube two months prior to the conference. This has then been linked on a number of the social media platforms as a practical experiment. To get an idea of the impact, go to Google and search ‘#givemeyourhands’

If you’re interested in attending or would like more information, please get in touch.

About the workshop facilitator…

Paul Gadd became involved in family mediation five years go, when asked for some IT advice from Sue West. He has become passionate about spreading the ‘good news’ of the power of mediation in the UK. He started his first listing website five years to ago to help promote family mediation, and has since launched and

This year he has helped organise and run Family Mediation Week 2016. and is on the UK Mediation Awareness Week 2016 working group using various digital media and social media streams.