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Red Nose Day LineupFriday 13th March and it’s #comicrelief Friday or #RedNoseDay. We decided to do something a little different this year to promote the work of #comicrelief. As well as the traditional cake sale at the Innovations Centre at Loughborough University, we wanted to combine the fun activities along with raising the awareness of Family Mediation as an alternative to going through the courts.

Clearly Family Mediation is not a fun experience for any of the parties, but we decided in the same way that #comicrelief uses the opportunity to raise awareness of other serious subjects (like dementia) we could help to do the same.

We’ve developed our own special Red Nose characters (based on people we know!), and have then re-used our street scene from the video ‘Understanding Family Mediation‘ and hidden a number of our special nosey Red Nose Day characters in the scene. Click on the link below to the full sized image to see if you can find them all! We’ve set a number of targets for re-tweets, and each time we hit one of the targets (25/50/100/200/300/400) we will donate £10 to #comicrelief.

red nose line upSpot the Red Noses.

To find out more about Family Mediation or search for a local family mediation service near you, go to our FindMediation search tool.