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Often during the course of a day, you’ll see something on your screen that is worth remembering. It might be a useful tip, interesting news item or a Microsoft Windows 10 error message…

Our brains are often too full or cluttered to remember but the Print Screen button is a quick way to capture it, and save it for later.

However, with the captured print screen only part of the screen will really be of interest. So either you edit it to select part of the area, or you end up storing a load of useless information.

Apple Mac’s have supported this functionality for years with the SHIFT + CMD + 4 (num) simultaneous key presses. Pressing this magic combination triggers a cursor on the screen, enabling you to select the area of the screen you want to capture. So what about Microsoft Windows 8 and 10?

snipWindows 8 and 10 both provides the Snipping Tool. Pinned to your taskbar, this can easily be accessed, then clicking ‘New’ which enable you to select an area of the screen to capture. You can then select ‘Save as’ to store this, or paste into another application such as OneNote.

Give it a try – your IT department might thank you for capturing that illusive error message that happens right before 5pm 🙂