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Apple – tightening security in the cloud

After logging onto iCloud via the desktop the other day, I was intrigued to shortly afterwards receive an email from Apple.


The email informed me that I had signed onto the iCloud via a web browser, but if I had recently signed onto iCloud (which I had done) I could disregard the email.

Clearly after all the scandal of last week with iCloud pictures being hacked from celebrity Aplpe accounts, Apple are keen to demonstrate efforts to safeguard accounts.

Are these steps sufficient? Is your Cloud accounts secure, or would it be better to take control of your data by creating your own cloud?

I’m becoming more convinced that taking control of our own Cloud information is important, especially if you store all your valuable information on it. Products like Own Cloud are designed to put you in control of your data, which includes backing up your information.

icloudFor me the jury is still out as to whether the iCloud account of Jennifer Lawrence was hacked or a security flaw has been identified using a tool developed by ElcomSoft for infiltrating iCloud accounts. For me, a more fundamental issue is who’s data is it, and whether a ‘public’ cloud will always be a target for hackers rather than taking personal control.